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1st Transnational meeting


The partner organizations prepared a presentation and, as the first step of the meeting, introduced themselves, talked about their previous work and experiences and asked each other questions.

We reported the project settlement process to the partners:

We informed our partners that the monthly report must be submitted by the 5th of each month, which must also be uploaded to Google Drive, to which everyone will have access. We have reported what documents are required to account for meetings and other anticipated activities. We create templates for all of these, which will also be uploaded to Google Drive and you can download them from there.
The mentioned documents are the following:

Costs eligible for settlement – documents to be submitted by cost types Documents to be submitted
monthly reports
Transnational project meetings
a statement signed by the host organisation confirming the participation in an international partner meeting, specifying the name of the person participating, the purpose of the foreign activity, the start and end dates, and the name and address of the organisation sending the person by participants
an attendance sheet signed by the participants and the host institution, specifying the name, date and place of the international project meeting and the name and signature of each participant and the name and address of the sending organisation;
the detailed agenda of the international project meeting and the document(s) used or distributed there
proof (with an English language contract) that the organisation has a formal relationship with the participants in the international project meeting for all employees
if the departure point of the journey does not correspond to the registered seat of the sending organisation and/or the place of arrival does not correspond to the registered seat of the host organisation: tickets or invoices
insurance of people participating in mobility activities
Multiplier events
attendance sheets to prove participation (attendance sheet: name, date and place of the multiplier event, name and signature of each participant, and name and address of the organisation sending the person)
detailed agenda of the event
related documents: documents used and distributed at the event

We ask our partners to organize the documents in a transparent way, that the documents be organized by cost type, and that the related documents shall be placed next to each other. In the case of scanned documents, we ask for a file name that clearly indicates the content of the file.

We discussed the deadlines and defined the tasks to be completed.


We prepared a SWOT analysis regarding the implementation of the project. Each organization prepared its own analysis, which we finally summarized and obtained the following results:

Result of SWOT analysis:

professional background, experience, infrastructure, good connection system, know-how, financing, enthusiasm, suitable office background. age, lack of direct contact with the target group, lack of time/ other activities, network expansion, establishing a project, youth helpers are difficult to reach, gaining ground in a new area.
expanding relationships lack of interest,
professional competence, discovering new associations, small membership, small number of linguistic communities, network building, professional development/ gaining experience, involvement of youth helpers in the work of the association. sliding, force majeure, lack of language competence, lack of infrastructure, the development of another virus situation, lack of interest (reclusion) of the target group, dropout of participants, institutions' lack of willingness to cooperate.

Online meeting:

The video conference takes place on the last Friday of every month, from which minutes are prepared, which each partner receives and must sign and seal and return to the coordinating partner. In addition, it must be uploaded to Google Drive.

Image of the meeting.