Erasmus + Funded by the European Union

Professional training of youth workers and strengthening youth
workers with supervision methodology

EGTS Panonija
Fundatia Diaspora
Szent Gellért Társaság

Responsible organization: Fundatia Diaspora

Purpose of the program:

Working with youth involves mentoring and guiding young people to develop their physical, emotional, mental, and social skills to become healthy adults. The youth helpers are the responsible helpers in this development process; this is why it is so important to help them in the self-and knowledge-building process. Youth helpers are also young professionals. They have many challenges working with youth due to lack of practice, inexperience, and other difficulties (such as age group proximity). Most of the young people trained in this project workshop are working with this population for the first time.
Therefore this event aimed to support them in professional development related to workshop management and youth assistance. It is essential for youth helpers to divide their professional experience, discuss their fears and uncertainty, find their competency gap, and discuss their negative feelings.


Program leaders/lectures:


Professional training of youth workers and strengthening youth workers with the supervision methodology.

Day 1. (09.06.2023):

The professional workshop for the youth worker began with a dinner, where the participants had the opportunity to discuss their experiences related to the project in a friendly atmosphere. The main goal of the dinner was team building.

Day 2. (10.06.2023):

On the second day, from 9:00 am till 7:30 pm, the experts worked with the youth workers (with small breaks) and in the evening, a pleasant dinner crowned of the whole day's work.
In the first half of the day, participants dealt with analyzing the workshops carried out by the youth workers. The lecturers taught the participants to explore their individual and group workshop work output with SWOT analysis methodology. The lecturers also asked them to associate emotions with their workshop management and initiated an open conversation. This part of the training was essential for youth workers to have the opportunity to share and process their feelings and experiences. It was an important aim to create the opportunity and the environment to process unpleasant feelings. The games and tasks helped the youth workers articulate their possible difficulties, blockages, and limits of competence.
In the second half of the day, in mixed groups, they had to develop new workshop plans based on separate task cards. This activity helps youth workers to feel how much their workshop management techniques and competencies have changed in this short period, and the lecture with analyze of these tasks teaches new skills, technics and had a debate about particular situations, opportunities, and dangers in work with a unique group of people.

Day 3. (11.06.2023):

The morning of the third day was spent evaluating the event and filling out the Youthpasses. The afternoon was a free program so the participants could explore and get to know the town.

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