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Multiplier Event
Timișoara, Romania


Cabinet Individual Psihologie Makkai Barbara Cornelia
TEMISZ – Temesvári Magyar Ifjúsági Szervezet
Asociația Bastion Várbástya
Szent Gellért Társaság
EGTS Panonija
Fundatia Diaspora
TMD – Temesvári Magyar Diákszervezet
Heti Új Szó
Liceul Teoretic Bartók Béla
Asociația Kohézió

Organizer: Fundatia Diaspora

Purpose of the program:

The purpose of the program is to present the project Figyelünk rád! - We have your back! to the partner organizations. Strengthening cooperation between partner organizations. Cooperation between organizations is crucial in drug prevention for several reasons. Firstly, collaboration allows for the pooling of resources, expertise, and knowledge, enabling a more comprehensive and effective approach to tackling drug-related issues. Secondly, by sharing information and best practices, organizations can develop more targeted and evidence-based prevention strategies, tailored to the specific needs of different communities. Additionally, coordinated efforts facilitate the establishment of a unified front against drug abuse, leading to better advocacy for policies and programs that support prevention initiatives. Finally, collaboration between organizations fosters a holistic approach to addressing the root causes of drug abuse, including social, economic, and psychological factors, leading to more sustainable and long-term solutions in combating drug-related challenges.


Program leaders/lecturers:


The Multiplier Event convened at the specified location at the scheduled time. Introduction and Welcome. The event commenced with a welcome address, which emphasized the role of the project in preventing drug use and highlighted the importance of prevention. Attendees introduced themselves, highlighting their roles and affiliations.
Several partner organizations came to the event. The event was attended by representatives of youth organizations, representatives of social care organizations, representatives of cultural organizations, representatives of mental health organizations, psychologists, teachers and the press.
The project was presented by Incze Erika. She presented the purpose and activities of the project. She spoke during the presentation about the training of youth workers in drug prevention, the local Workshops, supervision of the training of youth workers, international database and the international study.
It was said that Romania facing issues related to the prevalence of drug abuse, especially among young people. The use of substances such as cannabis, synthetic drugs, and opioids was a growing concern, leading to health risks and social repercussions. However, the country working to implement various prevention, treatment, and harm reduction programs to address the issue.
After the presentation, there was a joint discussion and ideation with the partners. The partners expressed their opinion on the situation of drug consumption. They also talked about what prevention and support measures are in place in the region and who the young people can ask for help if needed.
After the discussion of the results of the project, there was a coffee break.
After the coffee break, the event was evaluated, followed by an informal free discussion. The participants had the opportunity to get to know each other and build new professional connections, professional networks.

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