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3rd Transnational meeting
Salzburg, Austria

Purpose of the program:

The purpose of the meeting was to present and discuss the final version of the sutdy prepared during the Erasmus+ project, to present and discuss the lessons learnt from the comparison of the country specific experiences and findings in the project, to make an opportunity for the partner organizations to ask questions and discuss the steps forward.
The transnational meeting aimed to let the partner organizations evaluate the project and discuss key consequences of the work with youth and early drug preventional programs.
The partner organizations discussed the schedule for finalisation of the administrative tasks, and expressed their commitment on further collaboration and networking in the field of drug perevention.
Describing the situation related to writing the study.
Presentation and discussion of the framework of the local and international study.
The meeting gave a great opportunity to make the partner organisations see how SalzUNG is working on a regular basis with youth and local partners.

Program leaders/lectures:



Day 1. (06.10.2023):

The professional meeting began with a dinner, where the partner organizations had the opportunity to discuss their experiences related to the project in a friendly atmosphere.

Day 2. (07.10.2023):

The participants met in the morning at the venue of the event and each organisation presented their findings and lessons learnt from the project work. The final study was also presented and conclusive remarks were made. Generally all participating organisations were satisfied with the collaboration. The objectives of the project were met and further commitment for cooperation has been expressed.
Administrative tasks were also discussed and open questions had been raised.
A joint media interview was also given by the representatives of SalzUNG and the project organisators. The work continued over lunch time as well. In the afternoon, participants were given the opportunity to see how SalzUNG worked with youth with Hungarian migrational background in Austria. SalzUNG continues the work through thematic workshops with youth - and sees the advantages of building a safe network for them as a community. They presented this to the partner organisations as well.
Special emphasis was made during the event of the crucial role of youth workers, the importance of their training and the lessons learned from their activities and workshops amongst children and youth and young adults.
In the afternoon, we discussed about the list of administrative obligations to the project and the future tasks. The partners clarified and discussed the questions that arose.
The evening ended with a pleasant dinner together.

Day 3. (26.10.2022):

On the last day, participants completed an evaluation and discussed the effectiveness of the meeting. In the afternoon, the participants had free time activities so that each group could visit the beauties of Salzburg.

Image of the meeting. Image of the meeting. Image of the meeting. Image of the meeting. Image of the meeting.