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Multiplier Event


Subotica, Serbia

Organizer: Antropos Mental Hygiene Association

The multiplier event of Antropos Mental Hygiene Association We have your back! project was held on 15 August 2023 at the Blaha Lujza confectionery in Subotica. Representatives of NGOs, schools and health institutions were invited to the event in order to establish a long-term cooperation with Antropos and to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the programme by presenting the project, including the youth workers. The schools started work the day before the event, which was a fortunate coincidence for the event, as it allowed the drug prevention programme represented by Antropos to be included in the annual plans for the year ahead. Although invitations were sent to nearly 50 organisations and institutions, the following responded to our invitation:

  1. Association of Hungarian teacher of North-Vojvodina, Subotica
  2. Hunyadi János Primary School, Cantavir
  3. School of Health Care, Subotica
  4. ProAktiva Personality Development Centre, Subotica
  5. Spectrum Personality Development Centre, Subotica
  6. Exspecto Mental Health Foundation, Subotica
  7. Social Centre, Subotica
  8. Polytechnic Vocational School, Subotica
  9. Ivan Saric Technical High School, Subotica
  10. Integrative Child Psychotherapy Association, Subotica
  11. Red Cross, Subotica
  12. Psychotherapy, Zenta
  13. St. Gellért Association, Szeged
  14. SalZung, Salzburg

We started the event with an introduction of our organisation, and then continued with a presentation of the project and its achievements. We considered it particularly important to give a detailed presentation of the prevention workshops already held and the results achieved during the workshops. At the same time, we also presented the database and the regional action plan that is being drawn up, together with the different work streams. Following the presentation of the project, we provided an opportunity for questions and comments. Most participants welcomed the project, stressing the importance of the emphasis on training youth workers and raising awareness of this phenomenon in general.

Questions were asked about the length and content of the prevention workshops held by the youth workers, and whether the youth workers would still be available after the project had ended. Most of the questions about the database concerned its availability and whether those who were not included could still be included afterwards. A similar question was raised about the regional and international study book that is being prepared and whether it will be available in the near future.

After lunch, the youth workers present gave a 45-minute workshop with the participants. This focused on the decision, the choice and the pathway to substance use.

It mainly presented the decision, the choice, the way of substance use.

As a closing moment of the multiplier event, the participants filled in the evaulation forms, the results of which showed that the event was successful and filled a gap. Many of them pointed out that it could have been longer and that they would have liked to participate in more workshops. The feedback raised the need for a methodological collection to be produced to facilitate the work of school psychologists and teachers and to serve as a guide for such sessions.

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