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Transnational meeting

EGTS Panonija
Fundatia Diaspora
Szent Gellért Társaság

Responsible organization: EGTS Panonija

Purpose of the program:

To make an opportunity for the partner organizations to ask questions and discuss important topics.
The transnational meeting aimed to make professional support for the partner organizations.
The partner organizations discussed the project's upcoming programs and schedule as well as organizational and administrative issues.
Describing the situation related to writing the study.
Presentation and discussion of the framework of the local and international study.
Presentation of national good practices.

Program leaders/lectures:



Day 1. (24.10.2022):

The professional meeting began with a dinner, where the partner organizations had the opportunity to discuss their experiences related to the project in a friendly atmosphere

Day 2. (25.10.2022):

In the morning, the delegation of the partner organizations visited the NEOSZ ("Ne obsidnosti") organization in Osijek and introduced their activities. NEOSZ has a rehabilitation center, and the organization's harm reduction and resocialization activities are exemplary. The NEOSZ has one of the best drug prevention practices in Osijek. The representatives of the partner organizations actively participated in the program, asked questions, and considered the visit to the institution useful.
After the visit to NEOSZ, the partner organization members start with project work. The rest of the day was continuous group work and short rest/coffee breaks. The partner organizations presented (in PowerPoint presentation) a list of the good practices they recognized and created a national report of the situation (statistics and other important aspect) based on the international study form.
Bea Sárcsevity-Hajdú, the coordinator of the SZTG project, presented in detail the system of criteria necessary for the preparation of the international and national study, which was also discussed by the participants. They talked about the difficulties of preparing the study. In the afternoon, wad discussed about the list of administrative obligations to the project and the future tasks. The partners clarified and discussed the questions that arose.
The evening ended with a pleasant dinner together.

Day 3. (26.10.2022):

On the last day, participants completed an evaluation and discussed the effectiveness of the meeting. In the afternoon, the participants had free time activities so that each group could visit the beauties of Osijek.

Image of the meeting. Image of the meeting. Image of the meeting. Image of the meeting.